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The Desire to Blog is just not enough- or is it?

Is Desire Enough- Noelle MenaIt took me 3 years being online before I designed & started my personal blog here at Pliable in His Hands. I was so excited the day God gave me the name. I had told myself that I would not start till I had that perfect domain. Loving the name, the design came easy for me, something free flowing & artsy. After months of grabbing time to design and set up this blog, I wrote a couple of articles and have not been back. Was a desire to blog enough to keep one running? I quickly realized, no. As time continues to go by I realize that unless I make a deliberate decision to write and blog, it will not happen. Period.

I have been very disappointed in myself as I have had so much to write about. Life has taken me all over the place the past year and there is much to say. Why do I not sit down and write it out?

No more. No more putting it aside in my head. Today I am adding some new categories on my blog. Along with these new categories comes a new set of standards for my blog. After all this is my personal blog. It should be my way, right. 🙂 I have been trying to be ‘careful’ about what I write or say. Putting walls around my words, my thoughts. No More. I can promise I will be all over the place. You might love what I talk about in one article and then another article be of absolutely no interest to you. I will try and tag, categorize articles so you can easily pick what you want. This is the only way I can be me.

I am simply not a one themed person. I have no favorites of anything. But I have ideas, thoughts, views, experiences in a lot of things.

Free to be Me- Noelle MenaI hope you join me in being Free to be Me.

Welcome Home!

Here are some of the new categories I am adding:

Nash Pad~ Our Recent move to Nashville as we support our daughter who is pursuing her music. (Just posted my first post in that Category- “Why leave the home we built to live in an apartment in Nashville?”

Nurturing the Artist… that is your child~ Genuinely attempting to capture into words what this journey has been and is to be the mother of a two gifted artists. A son who creates art through images on canvas of choice and a daughter who creates through being a musician/singer/songwriter. Guiding, supporting, making decisions, crying, celebrating, communicating, understanding the child with the heart of an artist. I warn you, will be my inner most heart in this category, as I have felt it to be one of the highest callings over my life. If you have a child of any age (seriously, any age) and they have the heart of an artist that you need to nurture, join me.

Resources for~ Having a Ministry & Businesses online the past 4 years, I have learned of many, many resources for you to use online. Find my thoughts and recommendations discussed here!

If you like Photos, I mostly Tumblr mine along with quick thoughts, audio messages, and ramblings. You can even scroll through my Tumblr right here on my site!

I also love to do Instagram for pictures. I am a photography app fanatic. My ipad /iphone have over 30 photo apps alone. It’s a late night addiction for me to lay in bed and edit out a photo. You can check out all my apps on My Quick App List! (it’s a huge work in progress as I have so many.) 🙂 #mercy #addicticted I can assure you I am well versed on apps for your Apple Device or Computer. You can always leave a comment over on My Quick App list and ask me anything you want.

Here’s to you too… Be Free to be You. If something has kept you from writing in your blog, maybe you need to give yourself a break too. Be Yourself. Do it for Yourself.

4 Responses to The Desire to Blog is just not enough- or is it?

    • Rebecca, I seriously do not know how to write from anywhere else. 🙂 We can get so far away from what is truly important. Something I deal with daily. Even by the moment. Thanks for sharing the post too woman. The Imperfect Wives is such an amazing ministry. I am so blessed to be a part of it in my small way. 🙂

  1. Okay is God trying to tell me something or WHAT? LOL. I was talking to Rebecca about writing and my dream to write and she gave me some info and some advice…just write. Write and write and wrire. Now I see your blog and it is saying to me…the same thing..LOL. God is so good.

    • Thelma…WRITE! 🙂
      Just get in there and start writing. God is good, all the time. I am glad I got to be your 2nd confirmation to put pencil to pad, or fingers to ipad. Whatever works for you!

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