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How can I embrace the season I am in.

Mom’s roosters fill her home. Around every corner to greet me. Now I want real ones!

I’ve always looked at my life through seasons. Some simply say, this is a tough season or a season of blessings. My seasons tend to overlap and get messy. The overlapping also provides the opportunity to see the blessings no matter what season I am in. Seeing the blessings in a season has never been enough for me. For me it is finding how to to actually ’embrace’ the season.

Looking at the word, Embrace

accept or support (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically.”besides traditional methods, artists are embracing new technology”synonyms: welcome, welcome with open arms, accept, take up, take to one’s heart, adopt

Accept. That’s a biggie. You did not ask for this season. This heartache, financial concerns, loss of a loved one, divorce. Yet we need to come to the place of acceptance. With the word embrace, it even says to do so willingly, enthusiastically. To take to one’s heart. There it is. The heart. That’s where He is. That’s where He meets us.

Noelle Mena
A worn ragged quilt that soothes both my skin and soul. Pretty china bowls with my favorite cereal. iPad Air follows me everywhere. It’s the little things. Surround me with them.

As I sit here in my 70 year old mom’s, comfy creme recliner in the dark, cool corner of her bedroom and write this, I’m embracing the moment. Divorce is something that was never said in our house. Not growing up and not in my own 24 year marriage. But here I am. All of my belongings packed up into storage and staying at my mom’s house. Sharing a tiny bedroom with my daughter. All of my comforts piled on top of each other in storage rooms with concrete floors and garage doors. I am someone who creates atmosphere every where I am. For me, for my family. There is no room for atmosphere as my daughter and I try to contain ourselves to this tiny room. It takes every inch to just hold what we brought for our lives the past 3 months and the next 3 months.

But, I’m choosing. I’m embracing. And He is blessing.

What can I do, right here where I am? Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually.

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The Desire to Blog is just not enough- or is it?

Is Desire Enough- Noelle MenaIt took me 3 years being online before I designed & started my personal blog here at Pliable in His Hands. I was so excited the day God gave me the name. I had told myself that I would not start till I had that perfect domain. Loving the name, the design came easy for me, something free flowing & artsy. After months of grabbing time to design and set up this blog, I wrote a couple of articles and have not been back. Was a desire to blog enough to keep one running? I quickly realized, no. As time continues to go by I realize that unless I make a deliberate decision to write and blog, it will not happen. Period.

I have been very disappointed in myself as I have had so much to write about. Life has taken me all over the place the past year and there is much to say. Why do I not sit down and write it out? Continue Reading

Entering a New Season in Your Life?

God planned seasons not only for nature, but for our lives as well.  Join me today over at the LeadHer blog, where I share practical tips for entering a new season.

As a LeadHer, we all face, “new seasons” in our lives.  God is always shaping us to prepare us for each new season. Maybe you are entering a season of great joy,  full of opportunities. It could be the starting of a new ministry or business, becoming an ’empty nester’ or brand new mama!

Possibly, it’s a winter season we might find ourselves facing as we deal with an unforeseen illness, changes in lifestyles due to financial loss, a best friend moving out of state. Yes, new seasons in our lives are not always ones we ‘welcome’ in our hearts. But they come. (Ecclesiastes 3)

How do we prepare & celebrate these seasons of life that come and go? How do we enter into the ‘new normal’ as I have called it many times in my own life? Below I have shared a few tips that will meet you right where you are, on the way to where you are going. Continue Reading over at LeadHer…