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The Desire to Blog is just not enough- or is it?

Is Desire Enough- Noelle MenaIt took me 3 years being online before I designed & started my personal blog here at Pliable in His Hands. I was so excited the day God gave me the name. I had told myself that I would not start till I had that perfect domain. Loving the name, the design came easy for me, something free flowing & artsy. After months of grabbing time to design and set up this blog, I wrote a couple of articles and have not been back. Was a desire to blog enough to keep one running? I quickly realized, no. As time continues to go by I realize that unless I make a deliberate decision to write and blog, it will not happen. Period.

I have been very disappointed in myself as I have had so much to write about. Life has taken me all over the place the past year and there is much to say. Why do I not sit down and write it out? Continue Reading

Actively Waiting on God

When is it wise to wait on God?

LB CoachThat seems simple enough, always. It’s always wise to wait on God. But waiting is not easy. Waiting is never easy, for anything. God does not conform to the ‘now’ society that we have become. He is patient, why should He expect anything less from us. So… He calls us to wait.

I am waiting on Him. I have put my company/ministry up for sale. (Christian Women Affiliate LLC) I believe I was supposed to. I waited on Him for a long while for clear direction on selling or not. Then when I did and proposals started rolling in, I could not find peace in any of them. I found peace in ‘parts’ of a lot of them. I almost ran with one of them. But then. The no peace, became an unbearable weight in my spirit. So, I put all proposals on hold. I had peace about that. But what now? I felt in limbo. What gives God? Continue Reading