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Actively Waiting on God

When is it wise to wait on God?

LB CoachThat seems simple enough, always. It’s always wise to wait on God. But waiting is not easy. Waiting is never easy, for anything. God does not conform to the ‘now’ society that we have become. He is patient, why should He expect anything less from us. So… He calls us to wait.

I am waiting on Him. I have put my company/ministry up for sale. (Christian Women Affiliate LLC) I believe I was supposed to. I waited on Him for a long while for clear direction on selling or not. Then when I did and proposals started rolling in, I could not find peace in any of them. I found peace in ‘parts’ of a lot of them. I almost ran with one of them. But then. The no peace, became an unbearable weight in my spirit. So, I put all proposals on hold. I had peace about that. But what now? I felt in limbo. What gives God? Continue Reading

That hand on the back of my shoulder…

That hand on the back of my shoulder…
Current mood: calm

Note: This was originally written on March 24, 2008 over at Take Root and Write. It is part of my journey and I wanted it included here.

Tonight was a battle. This weeks been a battle. Emotion is rattling me. A quiet disease is draining me to exhaustion. It’s been the happy face this week that I have painted on consistently without anyone on the outside having a chance to see through. The propensity to cry takes over my day. Tears to hide become as frequent as my desire to crawl back into bed to awake and find the rested and refreshed body that has eluded me. It’s a season I have been through before. Knowing what’s behind it all gives me a reliable reminder that it will pass.
So, I do not give in. I keep my schedule simple and minimize my responsibilities. Continue Reading

…finding my way forward

Finding-My-way-ForwardI wrote this back on March 17, 2008. Two and a half years ago over at Take Root and Write. I wanted to bring it over here because it is so much a part of my journey to where I am now. It is truly only because I decided to find my way forward that I actually began to move forward. I have to admit I am still finding my way forward. Figuring out all the answers or making all the right decisions still hover over me. It’s more about the opportunity for to make each day optimal. The op op. 🙂 I like it.

Day; March 17, 2008

Mood; Contemplative

I have been saying to myself that, I am finding my way back.
Now, as I have started that journey I am trying to narrow down what it is I want to go back to.
How far back plays a role as well.
What ‘moment of me’ am I trying to bring back into the now? Continue Reading