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Coat Rack Repurpose Outside Easel

Outside Easel
Outside Easel at The NashPad.

Got this coat rack at Goodwill, was baby blue with white snowflakes all over it.

Letting the journey show through while giving it repurpose.

Kind of like me. 💞

*Posting the process and progress of the coat rack (not me) under the Create tab. 🙂

Always, always use beautiful things.

Use beautiful tools when creating.
Always, always use beautiful things.

 What good are they on a shelf? I never use paper plates or plastic etc. even in the #nashpadartroom I take cleaning up just as serious. I hit Goodwill & even use family heirlooms while creating. It”s part of my process. Just like creating an art room is part of me being able to sit down & do art.

Atmosphere. It feeds me or exhausts me. #nashpad #creatinghome #create

NashPad Art Corner no more

Create. Right. Where. You. Are. Oh! If it were only that simple. I just deleted what text I had in this spot from a year ago. And it felt amazing.  This used to be at the top of the Create page here on my blog. It was time to move on it down the feed. My… Continue Reading