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Character-Confession-PatientWhen writing my first post for this blog there is no better word to describe than to use, patient. I have waited a long time to put together my own site. For some reason it has come together at a time that so many other areas of my life are in a limbo of sorts. Maybe that’s actually why it came together, I just needed it so bad. There is still lots to do to get the site the way I want. I hope you will be patient as I work through the final settings. Don’t judge me tooooo much until it’s complete. I am sure there will be tweaks all down the line as well.

This post will actually make it through the feed. I will not clog up the feed as I republish some posts that I am moving over here. I will go ahead and welcome you to visit my Life List page! It is totally up and ready for you to link up yours. I would love to see your Life Lists! Click over and see what it is all about and how to link up.

You can also head over to Link Up With Me! It’s where you grab my badge, and you click to link up yours. I use inlinks to get us linked up. We will use it a lot here. And yes, that is an affiliate link. Don’t get all offended. 🙂 First off, it’s only like $2.00 a month to use inlinks. I found it over at Amy Bayliss’s blog and I did not have a problem clicking right on her affiliate link. Why are so many nervous or offended about clicking through affiliate links? We will address that and more in an upcoming project I will be writing here at Pliable in His Hands. We will use it for Character Confession too! I have redone the graphics and getting them all ready to start.

There will be lots going on over here at Pliable in His Hands. If you have not signed up to receive through your fav feed or by email, you can do so here. This site will be very eclectic, just like me. I am so excited to share and connect with you. Please don’t be shy. Leave a Thought, post a question and get plugged in through the links above!

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