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My own little corner in my own little room.

Start of a Shabby Comfy Bed
It’s a Shabby Comfy Corner


I called it. I was to have the 2 smaller bedrooms in the new Nash Pad while my 21 year old daughter would need to take the master. Surely some question my decisiveness in this matter. It was my decision of course. Knowing it was time to take my office out of my bedroom as it kept me tied to one room like, all day long. It was time for change. Coming out of living in my 4000 square foot house for 20 years and divorcing after 25, yes, change was all around. Living with my parents during the divorce which took over 14 months, I shared a room with my daughter. Two twin beds and my computer desk. My parents being retired, spent most of their days in the open planned family room so I spent my days working in my room, sleeping in my room, crying in my room, creating in my room,… you get the idea. God met me where I was though, and I was so thankful for that bed. So thankful. It comforted me to be in my parents home, under a comforter my dad called his and that he was letting me borrow. In the midst of so much chaos, I had peace.

I knew the day would come when I would be in my own room, in my own bed, with my own things around me. I knew it would have beautiful views out the windows and that I would push my bed right up to that view. Falling asleep when the windows open and curtains pulled back to allow me to gaze at the moon and the stars as I drifted off. Then to awake to the birds and trees outside. No, of course the sun does not wake me up. I am a night owl, which means mornings are for sleeping. Thus the handy, and healthy eye mask! It took me one night to get used to wearing it and I’ve been using it for like 7 years now. Only now, I do have that view. So in the middle of the night I reach for it instead. Dang, I do have to have my contacts in (I sleep in them) to see the stars at night. Oh to the nights I have my glasses on instead! I’ve fallen asleep several times with them on now.

I traded my King size bed in for a queen and tossed on nothing but the coziest creme colored sheets, pillow cases and throws. Don’t hit me, but all from Goodwill! I washed and bleached of course and most of them are Martha Stewart Collection. No one would know if I did not say! The latest addition was the hand knitted (crochet?) afghan I found at Goodwill. $7. The time that must have gone into creating this. Loving the stories that come with buying something used. I never realized how toasty a sweater blanket could be.

This corner calls me to stay in it. Not out of any kind of depression. None of that going on. It is the overwhelming sense of peace it brings. It’s really something I have never had before in this way. The foothills out my windows, one by my head and the other down at my feet. It’s like living in a tree house. Finally, I got to use my 3 panel room divider that I took out of someone’s garbage back in Orlando. Had it brought on the uhaul with all of our stuff. I always knew I would use it but never knew how. Now, it is the first thing I see as I walk through my door. I thought about doing some creativeness to the window parts but, ya know, I am loving having them just clear. The room is not done decor wise. Obviously but the core is there. My own little corner, in my own little room. This is good.


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