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How to Link your Facebook Page to your Employment on your Personal Page


Is your Facebook Fan Page linked to your Employment section of your Personal Facebook Profile?

Recently I had to add my new Page to my Employment section on my facebook and found it was not working as simply as it did when I added Christian Women Affiliate’s page. For the life of me I could not get Facebook to bring up my new page to choose from. At the same time I was trying to link up my daughter’s Music Page to her personal page and had the same issue.

So, I was off. Off to figure it out. One of my fav things to do 🙂 Figure things out. Some of you might be laughing because FB did recognize your page. I easily added LeadHer to my current list and that sent off a light bulb. Was it because my personal page was just that, personal. I had listed it under, Teacher. Hmm. My daughter’s was a Music Page. Was there something to being an Organization, or Full on Business?? I went in and changed it and it did not work for me. I have heard now that it does for some. Go ahead, try it. You can always change your page back.

IF that does not work for you, I have what will. Woot. The research pays off again. Seriously what did we do before without the keyboard that leads to all things within hands reach?

I have made a Video Tutorial to share with you just how you can get yourself linked up too. It is from my Facebook Page. Yes, my facebook page is called, MenaVision. More to come on that later. In the Video you will need a couple of links I mention. Don’t download until you watch a bit. Then you will feel better. 🙂 I promise I am keeping you safe. You can do this. It really really is simple.

Here they are: (you only need one of the two below- I use Chrome in the Video)

To Download FireFox if you do not have it.

To Download Chrome if you do not have it.

Then, everyone has to download this extension.

Here we go, here is the Video Tutorial below. Feel free to ask any questions below or straight on my Facebook Wall.

You can also watch it right from the page on Facebook and comment below it. It goes full screen really clear on Facebook.


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