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How to Link your Facebook Page to your Employment on your Personal Page


Is your Facebook Fan Page linked to your Employment section of your Personal Facebook Profile?

Recently I had to add my new Page to my Employment section on my facebook and found it was not working as simply as it did when I added Christian Women Affiliate’s page. For the life of me I could not get Facebook to bring up my new page to choose from. At the same time I was trying to link up my daughter’s Music Page to her personal page and had the same issue.

So, I was off. Off to figure it out. One of my fav things to do 🙂 Figure things out. Some of you might be laughing because FB did recognize your page. I easily added LeadHer to my current list and that sent off a light bulb. Was it because my personal page was just that, personal. I had listed it under, Teacher. Hmm. My daughter’s was a Music Page. Was there something to being an Organization, or Full on Business?? I went in and changed it and it did not work for me. I have heard now that it does for some. Go ahead, try it. You can always change your page back. Continue Reading