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Our Recent move to Nashville as we support our daughter who is pursuing her music.

NashPad Art Corner no more

Create. Right. Where. You. Are. Oh! If it were only that simple.

Noelle Mena's Art Room
Art Room from old Nash Pad. A happy little corner.

I just deleted what text I had in this spot from a year ago. And it felt amazing. 

This used to be at the top of the Create page here on my blog. It was time to move on it down the feed. My art room is in full steam ahead mode now. Time for a new image at the top of the Create Feed.

Art Supplies no longer packed and stashed into storage. There is nothing holding me back now from creating. I am not one that can create just anywhere. Atmosphere either feeds me or exhausts me. We’ve been in the new Nash Pad for a couple of months now & I took the small bedroom so I could take over the extra room for my Art Room & home office of KNM Designs. (my Design & Development for Web & Print Company!)

Take over I have! Lots to create in the designing of the room itself. Furniture refinishing, Goodwill finds to refurbish into studio necessities. All going together, of course 🙂 Then, yes, then, when all is where it should be, I will work on new canvases. Develop new processes and preferences.

Join me on the journey as we go into the Room to Create.


Why leave the home we built to live in an apartment in Nashville?

Leaving for NashvilleOne month ago today my daughter Isis and I arrived to Nashville. To an apartment my hubby was waiting for us in and one that would soon take on the name of the “Nash Pad.” Arriving with only what would fit in my Eclipse (note: very small car) that was also occupied by our 11 year old Chihuahua, Diamond. A moving truck would not be bringing our furniture from our house in Orlando. Only the postman will ring the bell to deliver boxes of clothes we shipped before we left. No beds, no sofa, no tv. Why would we make this kind of change in our lives?

It’s been interesting to watch reactions to this move.

Why Nashville? Must be nice to have two places to live. You must have a lot of money. You did this for your child?

What about your husband? Why not just let her go on her own? You have to let go of your daughter at some point.

What about your own life? What if nothing happens in Nashville? What if it’s all for nothing? Continue Reading