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Mentoring your Children IS parenting.

Raising Children that Adore God

We have many responsibilities as mother’s. We instill a lot of things into our children as the are growing up. From very young ages we set habits into motion. I remember the first time Isis slept in her actual crib. She spent the first 3 months literally sleeping on my chest. She was the best baby, but she would not sleep without lying on me, not even beside me was good enough. This was challenging, as each night I propped my pillows up high, both behind me and beside me to support my arms as I held her and we both slept.  I just knew when she was ready to move into her crib. So, I laid her in, with no hesitation from either of us.  It was an easy transition. Then there was teaching her to sleep through the night, and later to drop the binkie, then the diapers, picking up toys, cleaning her room, doing her school work, taking care of the dog, cleaning the kitchen, calling me when she arrives at a friends house after seeing a movie. Now she is driving! We just never stop instilling lessons, rules, habits in our children. Continue Reading