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Entering a New Season in Your Life?

God planned seasons not only for nature, but for our lives as well.  Join me today over at the LeadHer blog, where I share practical tips for entering a new season.

As a LeadHer, we all face, “new seasons” in our lives.  God is always shaping us to prepare us for each new season. Maybe you are entering a season of great joy,  full of opportunities. It could be the starting of a new ministry or business, becoming an ’empty nester’ or brand new mama!

Possibly, it’s a winter season we might find ourselves facing as we deal with an unforeseen illness, changes in lifestyles due to financial loss, a best friend moving out of state. Yes, new seasons in our lives are not always ones we ‘welcome’ in our hearts. But they come. (Ecclesiastes 3)

How do we prepare & celebrate these seasons of life that come and go? How do we enter into the ‘new normal’ as I have called it many times in my own life? Below I have shared a few tips that will meet you right where you are, on the way to where you are going. Continue Reading over at LeadHer…