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Actively Waiting on God

When is it wise to wait on God?

LB CoachThat seems simple enough, always. It’s always wise to wait on God. But waiting is not easy. Waiting is never easy, for anything. God does not conform to the ‘now’ society that we have become. He is patient, why should He expect anything less from us. So… He calls us to wait.

I am waiting on Him. I have put my company/ministry up for sale. (Christian Women Affiliate LLC) I believe I was supposed to. I waited on Him for a long while for clear direction on selling or not. Then when I did and proposals started rolling in, I could not find peace in any of them. I found peace in ‘parts’ of a lot of them. I almost ran with one of them. But then. The no peace, became an unbearable weight in my spirit. So, I put all proposals on hold. I had peace about that. But what now? I felt in limbo. What gives God?

Psalm 27:14 Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

What gives is, He wants to give me clear direction. David says above in Psalm 27 to~ wait. To be strong. To take heart. Wait.

Pause, and remain in your present circumstance. Wait for further instructions from God. When we are looking, seeking so hard for direction and not finding it, we find in the end that sometimes God only gives us clear direction… when we wait for it. I am not finding it easy to remain in my current circumstances. I know some connected to me wonder, what is she waiting for? Why is there no decision? Then there are my own thoughts. Constantly taking captive thoughts of negativity & frustration. Facing each day with an uncertainty of where CWA is headed and what role, if any I will play.

More important to me than anything is to be in His timing on the path He is leading me on. If He needs me to wait to get in step with His timing, then I will wait. I do not want to be out there alone because I went with my ‘own’ ideas. Then it will all just be me. What can seem like delayed timing from my perspective as I wake up each day, is perfect timing from God’s viewpoint. He is strengthening my faith. Preparing me for what is ahead. That makes it all worth it.

Right timing. In every single area of life, timing does make a difference. We rush through days, decisions, and delicate moments. Not giving timing the chance to unfold in the manner God wants it to. I am waiting. No sitting around passively just hoping He will come through.

It’s Active.
It’s directed waiting.
It’s purposeful.
It’s expectant.

It is directed straight to my Father. I am expecting His intervention in my circumstance. Expecting a Word of instruction about what to do next. A Clear sense of direction.

That’s worth the wait.

Are you in the midst of Waiting?  Maybe you feel as if you did not wait long enough for clear direction in an area of your life?

I have to say that going through this, really digging into what it means to wait on Him, it has stirred my heart in many areas of my life, not just Christian Women Affiliate. That feeling of giving up in some of my circumstances right now, God put in my face with new awareness of His presence. Meaning, woman, you better not walk away from this. I am not finished.

I encourage you today to be wise and wait. God will give clear direction for your circumstance. He gave us a rainbow as a symbol. He covers the entire sky so we do not forget His promise. Keep your eyes up and open!  You will not miss it if you stand & expectantly wait on Him.  All while seeking Him.

Proverbs 3:6 promises us, “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”

Psalm 37:23 tells us, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord….”

Isaiah 30:21 informs us, “Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it,’ whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left.”

4 Responses to Actively Waiting on God

  1. Oh my, Noelle this is me exactly: “I am not finding it easy to remain in my current circumstances. I know some connected to me wonder, what is she waiting for? Why is there no decision? Then there are my own thoughts. Constantly taking captive thoughts of negativity & frustration.”

    Been waiting on faith for God’s leading in my life in a major way. I have been waiting almost 18 months for a new job/career/focus in life and God alone has the answer which he has revealed partially, but will also do so fully, in his own time.

    My I feel so defeated sometimes trying to take my thoughts into captivity but I slog on in faith. Still, I stand.

  2. Noelle,
    I was looking for an image to accompany my blog on waiting, and not only found yours, which I’ve borrowed with attribution, but also the Word I needed to hear. Thank you, and may God continue to bless your meantime. I struggle with waiting, but am learning to fill that space with worship, and opening my heart to be ready.
    Peace and good to you.

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