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Stillness. Quiet. Solitude.

My Still Sunday

Stillness. Quiet. Solitude. These are welcomed words. Life has many seasons. These words will always have a place in each of their descriptions.


Happy Mother’s Day Shirley Sue!

That Smile. I miss that smile Shirley Sue!

That Smile. I miss that smile Shirley Sue!

It was Mother’s Day today. Living with mom and dad for the 15 months during the divorce opened our relationship more than it ever had been. Mom and I have always been close. But marriage kind of sucked me in, which of course it should. But it wasn’t until the divorce and now months after that I have realized just how much of my life was tucked away. One of the blessings during the divorce was that I was with my mom and dad. Night and day, day and night in a small condo. She cooked my meals, she held me, cried with me, checked on me, lifted me, watched me endure the most challenging season of my life. It became her most challenging as well. Today I just want to see that smile again, That joy on her face. That freedom in her body language. I do know that God is at work in her life and she is recognizing it. That is ultimately worth it all. It is a mother’s greatest gift for her children to know their Savior, Lord, God. At least it is for me. Today, it is a daughter’s greatest give. Thank you Lord, for what you are doing in her life and in my dad’s. Happy Mother’s day Shirley Sue.

I Love You, Always!


Always, always use beautiful things.

Use beautiful tools when creating.

Always, always use beautiful things.

 What good are they on a shelf? I never use paper plates or plastic etc. even in the #nashpadartroom I take cleaning up just as serious. I hit Goodwill & even use family heirlooms while creating. It”s part of my process. Just like creating an art room is part of me being able to sit down & do art.

Atmosphere. It feeds me or exhausts me. #nashpad #creatinghome #create

Distressing before waxing…

Distressing before waxing using chalk Paint

Distressing before waxing. Wow, that used to have an entirely different meaning.

I couldn’t wait. It’s chalk paint in ‪#‎paloma‬ I can just add a little water to it! Top of my art room table.

It has to be pretty too of course. ‪#‎creatinghome‬ at The Nash Pad ‪#‎nashpadartroom‬

My own little corner in my own little room.

Start of a Shabby Comfy Bed

It’s a Shabby Comfy Corner


I called it. I was to have the 2 smaller bedrooms in the new Nash Pad while my 21 year old daughter would need to take the master. Surely some question my decisiveness in this matter. It was my decision of course. Knowing it was time to take my office out of my bedroom as it kept me tied to one room like, all day long. It was time for change. Coming out of living in my 4000 square foot house for 20 years and divorcing after 25, yes, change was all around. Living with my parents during the divorce which took over 14 months, I shared a room with my daughter. Two twin beds and my computer desk. My parents being retired, spent most of their days in the open planned family room so I spent my days working in my room, sleeping in my room, crying in my room, creating in my room,… you get the idea. God met me where I was though, and I was so thankful for that bed. So thankful. It comforted me to be in my parents home, under a comforter my dad called his and that he was letting me borrow. In the midst of so much chaos, I had peace.Continue Reading

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